Celebrating Taryn and Bob!

Rahab’s Sisters is deeply honored to receive gifts from family and friends celebrating Taryn and Bob’s marriage. We’re inspired by their generosity and wish them a lifetime of happiness!

Taryn’s and Bob’s employer, Alaska Tanker Company, will match donations for guests who are also ATC employees. Please turn your donation receipt in to Jeff Reynolds .

Your gift connects Taryn and Bob’s community with our Rahab’s Sisters community rooted in radical hospitality and love.

You are helping us welcome all women who walk through our doors on Friday nights. Nourishing food, supplies for survival, a safe space to take a breath and connect with others - you make this community possible through your donation.

Please note - some displays will cut off the donation form so you are unable to scroll down to complete the fields. If that happens, just use the TAB key to move through the entire form. Thanks!

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